Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Tyd

Flamebox Consulting website - Austria

GQ magazine

I wrote this article  and took the photos of A1 driver Jeroen Bleekemolen for GQ magazine. Had eight minutes for the shoot because they had to work on the car. Was a nail biter.

Outdoor Life - Wegbreek and Mooiloop

Wegbreek and Mooiloop is one and the same magazine. I wrote a bunch of travel articles for them and had the opportunity to take great travel photos. After a lengthy court case with an Afrikaans travel magazine with a similar title, and some politics about changing their name that I do not understand, they regretably folded. The time I spent writing for them was great. I learnt to surf, tracked Shaka Zulu's stomping ground, did back breaking hikes in the Drakensberg, fell in love with the Bushveld and spent time at a rodeo in California and saw Las Vegas.

De Kat

De Kat asked me to investigate waste-pickers. These guys recycle tons (literally) more than any of us can ever dream to recycle. They work in the worst conditions but still make a living. I took the photos and wrote the article.

Mango Juice

I did these profiles of people and places for Mango Juice (in-flight magazine for Mango Airlines). Was great getting to know Barry Ronge, Nicky Greenwall, Zapiro, Xola Ntshinga, Gautrain CEO Jack van der Merwe, green architect Ken Stucke, Duncan Yard in Pretoria and 44Stanley in the heart of Joburg.